Empowering Actors, Preserving Legacies

Welcome to archiveME, your gateway to embracing your digital identity and safeguarding your artistic legacy as an actor. We aim to empower you, enabling you to realize your full potential with our innovative tools and technology designed to revolutionize your role within the entertainment industry

archiveME's Vision

Empower Actors
archiveME revolutionizes actors' digital identity management, empowering them through innovative AI-driven solutions.

Authentic Digital Twins
Utilizing advanced AI (VFX) technology, we create genuine digital twins, enabling actors to convincingly portray themselves at any age or stage.

Preserve Authenticity

Our meticulous data collection preserves actors' authentic expressions.

Ownership of Data

At archiveME, we prioritize actors' ownership of their data. They retain complete control over their creative elements, allowing them to freely express themselves while preserving their unique essence.

Norwegian and Nordic Values

In line with Norwegian and Nordic values, archiveME emphasizes egalitarianism, transparency, and ethical practices. These principles guide our focus on actor data ownership and are integral to our commitment to community and sustainable innovation. We aim to set new ethical and technological standards in the entertainment industry.

Our Partners